Castle Project in Spanish TV (RTVE) in the program “The Adventure of Knowledge”.

The RTVE program “The adventure of knowledge” has made a story about Castle Project in which explains what the project consists of and how it has been done with testimonies from the directors, teachers and coordinators of the project.


Video Conferencia Castle Project 2017 Madrid

Video Oficial de la Conferencia Castle Project en Junio de 2017 Madrid en la cual estuvieron presentes FIDE, ECU, FEDA, FMA y autoridades educativas. En la Conferencia se expuso el proyecto, las actuaciones realizadas en los centros escolares y todo ello fue refrendado con la presencia de directores de centro…


Workgroup Madrid Castle Project Conference 23 June 2017

Since Castle Project Madrid we are very pleased to our team and colaborators, thanks! Press Jaime Fresno Ballesteros Patricia Claros Aguilar Photographer Abel Gonzalez Arroyo Video Pablo Flores Vidal 64 Villalba Team Salvador Palomino Menendez Jose Perez de Tudela Guirao Petya Simeonova Novoselska Luis Blasco de la Cruz Madrid Chess…

C.A.S.T.L.E. Project – Final Conferences

Download the program of CASTLE Conference – Turin 26th May 2017 Register to CASTLE Conference – Turin 26th May 2017

CASTLE: Video Project

Psychomotor Development Classes on a Giant Chessboard This project, created by Alfiere Bianco sports company, came into being with the aim of making children the central figures in developmental game playing, progressively developing their sensory-motor capacity by requiring the use of active intelligence during game activities. These highly beneficial lessons…

Project Meeting 2016 in Madrid

Coordinators and experts of the project met for a long week-end on 29-31 January 2016 in Collado Villalba near Madrid. The focus was on materials and trainings for the second year of chess instruction. The guests from Italy and Germany also visited a project school and learned about school chess…

Victor Chess House

Victor is the name of a friendly cat that lives in a chess house; he is ready day and night to teach chess to children and to play with them. La Casa di Scacchi di Vittorio (Vittorio’s Chess House) was created to give Italian children the opportunity to learn, do…