Coordinating partners

Alfiere Bianco is the initiator and main coordinator of the project. This non profit association based in Cuneo in Piemont in Northern Italy is specializing in school chess projects and has realized many chess related projects with public and private funders. The association is a pioneer in several aspects of chess in education.

Deutsche Schulschachstiftung, the German Foundation for School Chess, is a non profit association based in Baldham near Munich. The majority of its members are teachers who are applying chess in their classrooms and developing new ideas and materials. More than 2500 teachers and chess instructors have completed the two day long Schulschachpatent training. The foundation also runs the annual German School Chess Congress jointly with the German Youth Chess Association.

Club de Ajedrez 64 Villalba is a chess club that is running school chess and other chess related projects in and around Collado Villalba in the North of Madrid. Since the Spanish Parliament has endorsed the introduction of chess in all schools in February 2015, the CASTLE curriculum with its pedagogical orientation and applicability for regular teachers with little or no chess background has come into high demand in Spain. They have a prize in London about Chess & ADHD.

Official project partners

University of Turin is the home of Roberto Trinchero, Professor of Experimental Education Science, who has completed more empirical studies on the effects of chess in school than anyone else in the world.

Ufficio Scolastico Regionale per il Piemonte is the school board of the Province of Piemont, Italy.

Dirección General de Mejora de la Calidad de la Enseñanza is the school board of the region of Madrid.


FIDE, the World Chess Federation, has strengthened its efforts in school chess. It is cofinancing the production and dissemination of videos to train teachers in psycho motor skill development on a giant chess board.
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