Castle Project in Spanish TV (RTVE) in the program “The Adventure of Knowledge”.

The RTVE program “The adventure of knowledge” has made a story about Castle Project in which explains what the project consists of and how it has been done with testimonies from the directors, teachers and coordinators of the project.

In this RTVE program we can see the development of the program, know the opinion of the teachers who have taught the activity, know firsthand what the directors of the center think when implementing Castle Project in their centers and the operation of said implementation .

We thank RTVE for your interest in our educational program.

One thought on “Castle Project in Spanish TV (RTVE) in the program “The Adventure of Knowledge”.”

  1. These studies and European projects in the development of the capacities of children will lead to the development of generations and will show the heroes and smart and distinguished talents of these great efforts of the European Union and will reflect that at the global level, it is for everyone who contributed to this thanks and appreciation to all of you

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