Victor Chess House

Victor is the name of a friendly cat that lives in a chess house; he is ready day and night to teach chess to children and to play with them. La Casa di Scacchi di Vittorio (Vittorio’s Chess House) was created to give Italian children the opportunity to learn, do exercises and play chess outside of school hours;the chess house has a lesson room, a testing room and a playing room. The online lessons, games and puzzles are fully aligned with the chess instruction protocol developed and applied to Italian primary schools.

This child-friendly, non-profit website is now also a part of the CASTLE project. German language (Viktors Schachhaus) and Spanish Language ( Ajedrez con Victor) versions are also available. Other languages will be introduced in the future. The children doing our courses are encouraged to Victor’s Home as soon as they start to learn chess on the board as they learn faster and become far more confident and skilled with the game.


La Casa di Scacchi di Vittorio

Viktors Schachhaus

Ajedrez con Victor

Victor´s Chess House

Victor (or Viktor or Vittorio) means winner;it is also the name of NN, who developed the first version . The Victor’s Chess House was the brainchild of Alessandro Dominici. The website was developed using Flash in order to be fully web-based and usable at Italian schools, many of which still rely on Windows 98, or even Windows 95 until a couple of years ago. Thanks to Flash the website is more secure and easier to maintain, but it is also somewhat slower than websites running on Java.

Terms and conditions for classroom licenses and private licenses are available on request at


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