The CASTLE method and Con i bambini against educational poverty

An important recognition to the CASTLE method came in 2019 from the social enterprise “Con i bambini” which is responsible for implementing the programs of the Fund to combat child educational poverty.

Thanks to the collaboration between the sports promotion body C.S.E.N. and the Società Sportiva Alfiere Bianco, the SME: Chess Metafora Educativa project was presented and approved, which with a funding of € 1,856,000.00 aims to be the largest project to combat educational poverty, based on the game of chess , never made in Italy.

The SME project, which involves 46 partners from the world of social, school, sports, chess associations and independent training bodies, as well as the University of Turin, intends to use chess as an educational tool to stimulate personality growth and cognitive and social skills in minors, aged 6/14, in the following areas: concentration, creativity, analytical and decision-making skills, perseverance, patience, bringing positive impacts at school level, but also to improve the affective sphere, in the ability to relate to others, by accepting each other’s differences and learning to value them.

Using chess, the project intends to inaugurate the opening of a stable educational promotion center, in each territory, to provide a system structure for educational needs and to pay particular attention to the needs of minors with situations of fragility through targeted social inclusion actions.

The SME project will also see the involvement of parents with innovative actions that use the game of chess to increase parenting skills and responsibilities in the relationship with their children. In addition to the school, the project, with action in the territories, involves the educational agencies present and third sector organizations in order to set up Educational Chess Territorial Networks which will be entrusted with the management of the inaugurated Centers.

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